A song for the pandemic of 2020. Based on the Serenity Prayer


(Written by David Wang and Ray Lyell) 

Verse 1 

God help me, I can't change 

How my life has rearranged 

Give me peace to accept 

The dots I can't, I can’t connect 



Feels like I've hit a wall 

Feels like I've lost it all 

Feels like it's all in vain 

With nothing left to gain 

When I lose my hope 

At the end of the rope 

Then I lay my heart bare 

I turn to You in prayer 

I need strength and resolve 

I need fears to dissolve 

So that I can plan 

To change the things that I can 


Give me insight to know 

When I need to let go 

When lines need to be crossed 

When to win at all cost