Critical Mass is Canadian rock band that has been in existence since 1997.  We are two-time recipients of the Canadian Gospel Music Association Award for Best Rock Album (2000, 2005) and played for Pope John Paul II at World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto in front of a live and televised audience of a million people.

Members (Present and past)

David Wang (Lead Vocals, Lyricist, founding member)
April Philpotts (Keyboards)
Luke Jan Matthew Kupczyk (Guitars & Backup Vocals)
Lawrence Lam (Keyboards)
Scott Andrew McKendrick (Bass & Backup Vocals)
Paul Kieffer (Drums)
Dave Flitton (Guitar/Keyboard/Backing Vocals)
Adam Dupuis (Drums)
Harvey Armoogan (Mixing Console / Backup for the Backup Guitarist)
Kerry O'Brien (Drummer)
Tracey Doyle (Percussion)
Timothy Lucero (Drummer)
Matt Devine (Songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, founding member)
Tim Devine (Songwriter, keyboards, founding member)
Eric Kubica (Songwriter, bass, guitar, founding member)
Tom Pawelko (Guitarist, vocalist, founding member)
Sharon Pawelko (Vocalist, founding member)
Matt Biesrchbach (Drummer, founding member)
Jodie Wang (Vocalist, founding member)
Lorraine Adams (Vocalist, founding member)