Critical Mass is Canadian rock band that has been in existence since 1997.  We are two-time recipients of the Canadian Gospel Music Association Award for Best Rock Album (2000, 2005) and played for Pope John Paul II at World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto in front of a live and televised audience of a million people.

Critical Mass is a Canadian Christian rock music group from Waterloo Region in Ontario. They have produced and released five albums. Their songs have appeared on albums that have sold more than 60,000 copies, making this band one of Canada's most successful independent artists. 

Critical Mass started in 1997. Their first album was a demo recording, Faith Looks Up and received positive reviews. The album went on to win the band Best International Group and Best Modern Rock/Alternative album from the United Catholic Music and Video Association. One of the songs, I'll Be Fine topped the spiritual rock charts at 

Their second album Completely was produced by Andrew Horrocks and immediately garnered the Best Album of the Year at the Canadian Gospel Music Association's Covenant Awards. The song Humility was finalist for Rock Song of the Year as well. The success of Completely resulted in the group being invited to be involved in the larger liturgical celebrations at World Youth Day 2002 in Toronto. The band was given the honor of performing at both the Papal Welcoming Ceremony (est 400,000 in attendance) and at the Papal Vigil, the latter of which was seen by the 600,000 in attendance and an international television. 

Grasping for Hope in the Darkness which was released in 2004. It too, won Best Rock Album honours at the Covenant Awards. Their cover of the Kansas classic, Carry on Wayward Son was nominated for Best Rock Song as well. In 2006, the band again received International Group of the Year honours from the United Catholic Music and Video Association. 

In 2007, Critical Mass released a live praise and worship effort called Celebrate, which includes covers of popular worship songs as well as some remakes of songs from the album Completely. This album was nominated for 6 United Catholic Music and Video Association Awards. 

In 2009, Critical Mass released "Body Language", an album based on Pope John Paul II's Theology of the Body. Critical Mass marked 2012 with the release of 15 (1997-2012), a compilation album with three new songs along with 12 other songs from their catalog. 

Critical Mass has been a mystery to many even given the above accolades. With numerous personnel changes, the only constant has been lead singer/lyricist David Wang. However, due to family and work commitments, the band has not promoted itself extensively since their inception in 1997. That is about to change. “I have gone through incredible personal turmoil and that has caused me to start writing again. This time, I want to take my message of hope, particularly to those who have suffered through marital strife and breakdown, on the road,” says Wang. “The new songs do not sugar-coat the trials and tribulations that we have all been going through recently but proclaim that we need to keep our eyes on Jesus”. Critical Mass just released its first single to Christian radio in almost 15 years, a song entitled “Serenity” and co-written with Canadian rock icon, Ray Lyell. Critical Mass will be releasing an album at the end of the 2021 summer.

Members (Present and past, in studio or on stage!)

David Wang (Lead Vocals, Lyricist, founding member)
April Philpotts (Keyboards)
Luke Jan Matthew Kupczyk (Guitars & Backup Vocals)
Lawrence Lam (Keyboards)
Scott Andrew McKendrick (Bass & Backup Vocals)
Paul Kieffer (Drums)
Dave Flitton (Guitar/Keyboard/Backing Vocals)
Ian Tanner (Bass, Keyboard)
Tony Lind (Guitar)
Andrew Horrocks (Guitar)
Mark Inneo (Drums)
Darryl McWaters (Drums)
Mark McIntyre (Bass)
Darrell Bueckert (Drums)
Adam Horrocks (Guitar)
Nathan Cumber (Drums)
Riley O'Donnell (Guitars)
Adam Dupuis (Drums)
Harvey Armoogan (Mixing Console / Backup for the Backup Guitarist)
Kerry O'Brien (Drummer)
Tracey Doyle (Percussion)
Timothy Lucero (Drummer)
Matt Devine (Songwriter, guitarist, vocalist, founding member)
Tim Devine (Songwriter, keyboards, founding member)
Eric Kubica (Songwriter, bass, guitar, founding member)
Tom Pawelko (Guitarist, vocalist, founding member)
Sharon Pawelko (Vocalist, founding member)
Matt Biesrchbach (Drummer, founding member)
Jodie Wang (Vocalist, founding member)
Lorraine Adams (Vocalist, founding member)