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Please consider subscribing to Life Hacks with Critical Mass.  For those of you who don’t know me, I am a person who has experienced incredible highs but also gut-wrenching lows.  I am a father of nine.  In my day job, I am a University of Waterloo professor.  I am also an entrepreneur and raised $3MM dollars in Venture Capitalist Financing for my start-up. Lastly, I am the lead singer and lyricist for Critical Mass.  We have two Canadian Gospel Music Association awards for best Rock album and we also played for a million people at World Youth Day in 2002. I have been blessed with many opportunities but I have also had devastating failures.  I have had to suffer through a high conflict divorce, gone through a personal bankruptcy and, amazingly, had my house destroyed in a flood and then, a year later, had my work office also destroyed in a flood, decimating 20 years of research and teaching.  Through all the peaks and valleys of life, I have managed to not only stay sane but my friends have said that I have managed to thrive.   On Life Hacks with Critical Mass, I will share with you my stories about how I navigated through triumph and tragedy through videos that will only be available to subscribers.  This site will also give you exclusive access to behind the scene news of the band, a first look at music videos, a chance to give your input on our music and videos, opportunities to online chat with me every month and, as well, even the occasional online concert! You also get the entire Critical Mass music catalog for free as well.  You get all of this for roughly the cost of two cups of coffee every month.